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Termiseal service - Termite Management Solution

At Cannon Pest Management, we use a chemical-barrier treatment to resolve and prevent termite infestations in all kinds of properties from residential to business, whether it’s in pre-construction and post-construction stage.

Our post-construction specialists will assess the structure of each building and identify infestation prone areas.

Then small holes will be made at strategic points in the wall-floor juncture and filled with a low dose of odorless, new-generation termiticide. Our technicians will then cap the holes with white cement to cover our tracks.

Our pre-construction service works slightly differently. In this case the special termicide is sprayed at plinth level, so you will forget we were ever there.

The Cannon Pest Management team consistently pioneers new technologies to keep us ahead of competitors, and new Termatrac™ technology gives us an edge. We are the only company in Thailand to use this exclusive termite detection and tracking unit, which uses radar-like technology to detect termite activity in woodwork, brick or masonry without disturbing or damaging your building.