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Health and Safety

Play it Safe – a simple message to all our employees and one that sums up our commitment to safety. It is this approach that engages our whole team to improving safety in the workplace.

Health and Safety to us is more than a matter of rules; it stems from how we act and how we live. We strive to look after our own health and safety, and that of others, by being proactive, not reactive. It is the active engagement of our whole team that leads to improved safety in the workplace.

We recognise and fully accept our responsibility for the wellbeing of our employees and any others who might be affected by our work. Health and safety awareness forms a critical part of our induction process and training is provided on an on-going basis throughout an individual’s PCS career.

We have a robust safety management system that provides a solid framework in which to operate. Measuring safety performance is important to us and we implement an Accident Reporting Procedure which gathers accident and ‘near miss’ information. Management information from the accident report is reviewed regularly and assists in planning for continual improvement.